Clinical Examination Management System – Digitize Primary Care Health Service

Clinical Examination Management System has been meticulously designed to streamline and optimize the management of patient's health records across a wide range of primary health care units such as dental clinics, workplace physicians, beauty centers, joint health, and safety units, nutrition and diet clinics, family doctors, medical centers, and hospitals. It offers an efficient and secure platform for the effective capture and tracking of health data including examinations, prescriptions, analyses, treatments, and other health reports.

Appointment Management

Our online portal makes scheduling appointments effortless. Patients can book their appointments anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks. To ensure you never miss an appointment, we provide timely reminders via SMS and email, offering convenience and promoting adherence to health checks and treatments.

Patient Follow-up

Comprehensive patient follow-up is facilitated by this application. It allows for the seamless recording of patient information and all arrival protocols. This ensures a streamlined process and helps in maintaining an updated record of each patient's healthcare journey.

Finance Management

With the Finance Management feature, it becomes simple to track all the transactions related to healthcare services. Clinical Examination Management System enables the generation of financial information based on the services provided, carries out collections, and issues invoices, thus ensuring financial transparency and efficiency.

Measurement Tracking

Clinical Examination Management System is equipped with a robust measurement tracking feature that lets healthcare providers record essential health data about patients such as weight, height, and other vital statistics. This feature assists in tracking patients' progress and facilitates personalized care.

Medical Follow-up

The Medical follow-up feature empowers healthcare providers to maintain an accurate and updated record of a patient's medical history and examination information. This aids in delivering targeted and effective care to each patient.


Our application hosts a comprehensive reporting system, displaying an analytical representation of all recorded data with various graphs. These visual insights facilitate better decision-making and strategic planning for healthcare providers.

In essence, this innovative health application ensures a seamless and efficient management of healthcare data, offering a holistic view of the patient's health journey.

Integrating all these features, not only streamlines the healthcare process but also enhances the patient's experience.