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Check out some of our awesome projects with innovative ideas and great design.

Clinical Examination Management System

Clinical Examination Management System is designed to record health data electronically, including examinations, prescriptions, analyses, treatments, and health reports of citizens receiving primary health care services. This system is developed to efficiently manage and organize the health information by health personnel.

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Home Care Services

Home Care Services is an application developed to enter the follow-up forms of patients receiving home care services through the mobile application, to drop the task follow-ups to the Web platform, and to plan the next appointment dates.

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End to End Vaccine System

End to End Vaccine System is a system that provides instant data on vaccine storage conditions through IoT sensors, while managing all vaccine processes and side effects in a single system with an artificial intelligence-supported decision support system.

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Disaster Coordination Application

Disaster Coordination Application developed for the realization of all coordination processes in the works carried out in disaster areas by institutions in disaster situations.

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IT Integrated Inventory System

IT Integrated Inventory System is an inventory system that contains tools that you can control your assets and easily manage your project.

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End to End Data Management Platform

End-to-End Data management Platfrom is a system that can interpret business-critical data of institutions and make them serve their own corporate purposes.

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