End to End Vaccine System – Innovative Solution in Vaccine Management

Designed to eliminate the complexity of vaccine management, our End to End Vaccine System is an integrated system that securely records, stores, and provides access to individual vaccination information. It works on web and mobile platforms and provides comprehensive solutions for managing every phase of the vaccination program.

Dynamic Vaccine Schedules and Comprehensive Disease Groups

Our End to End Vaccine System covers all disease groups and creates dynamic vaccine schedules. This ensures regular and effective administration of vaccines.

Advanced Vaccine Demand Forecasting and Restocking Policies

Our system helps predict vaccine demand and determine vaccine replenishment policies. These features support the decision-making processes necessary for the effective design of the vaccine distribution network.

Integrated Cold Chain Tracking with IoT

Our system integrates with IoT sensors to ensure continuous monitoring of the vaccine cold chain. This makes it possible to monitor the entire system from a single center and guarantees the protection of vaccines.

Vaccine Side Effect Tracking

It monitors the side effects after vaccination and uses this information as an input to the decision support system. This provides the ability to continually improve and adapt to the vaccination process.

Determination of Priority Vaccine Groups

Our system provides comprehensive tools for the vaccine distribution network and identification of priority groups. This ensures that priority vaccine groups are established and vaccines are distributed with priority to those who need them most.

Our End to End Vaccine System eliminates the complexity of vaccine management and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of vaccination efforts.