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We are an innovative company that focuses on establishing long-term relationships with customers.






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How We Do It?

We guide you through strategic planning, technology selection, change management and continuous improvement.



We determine your digital transformation strategy and create your roadmap.



We review your technology infrastructure and determine the appropriate solutions.



We prepare your employees for the transformation process with change management and training programs.



We analyze and improve your business processes.



With continuous support and consultancy service, we ensure the successful completion of your transformation process.



As Sorentum Technology, we have extensive experience in developing customized software solutions. We spend time understanding your business processes to create compelling, scalable and high-performing software solutions specific to your needs and goals.

Our Software Development Service covers the entire software development lifecycle, from an idea to fully functional software:

Needs Analysis: We work closely with you to understand your business processes and requirements. We perform analysis and requirements collection to determine your customer needs and propose a solution.

Design: We use industry-standard design principles to create user-friendly interfaces and effective database structures.

Codification: We rigorously code your software using the most appropriate programming languages and technologies we select.

Testing: We check your software with various tests. We use test methods such as unit tests, integration tests, and system tests to find and correct errors and faulty functions.

Maintenance and Support: Even after the software is released, we provide ongoing technical support to our customers and provide maintenance services to keep the software up to date and efficient over time.

By providing customized software development services for businesses of all sizes, we enable our clients to be more efficient, effective, and competitive. Whatever the size of your business, we look forward to working with you!


We offer powerful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enable you to take your business to the next level. Our technology uses complex algorithms and machine learning techniques to extract the highest value from your data and automate your business processes. Our customizable AI platform provides solutions that are unique to your business and makes your operations more efficient, fast, and stable. With our AI solution, you can make data-driven decisions, automate your processes, and make your business smarter.

Shape your future with innovative technology's AI services.


Your data is the heart of your business and we are your stethoscope that lets you hear that data. Businesses today have access to more data than ever before, making their decision-making processes much more informed. However, understanding this data and turning it into valuable information requires special skills and technologies.

With our customized data analytics solutions, we remove this complexity for you. Our company analyzes your data, helps you convert it into information that will enable you to increase the performance of your business, and facilitates your decision-making processes.

Our data analytics services enable your business to make more informed decisions, improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and generate more profits.

Contact us to discover the power of data-driven decisions.


Cloud computing is the most effective way to meet the productivity, flexibility, and scalability needs of modern businesses. As Sorentum Technology, we make it easier for businesses to adopt cloud technologies and gain maximum benefit.

Cloud Migration Services: Migration to the cloud can be complex, but our experienced team works with you to make it smooth and efficient. By determining the most suitable cloud solution for your needs, we ensure that this transition takes place with minimum disruption to your business.

Cloud Consulting: Our skilled consultants in cloud technologies comprehend your business's specific needs and objectives, enabling them to propose the most suitable cloud strategy. By doing so, we assist you in maintaining cost management while ensuring you derive the utmost advantages from cloud services.

Cloud Management and Support: It requires an ongoing effort to manage and support cloud services. We lighten this burden and ensure that your cloud solutions work continuously and efficiently. In addition, we guarantee your business continuity by responding quickly to potential problems.

Security and Compliance: Cloud security and compliance considerations are critical to protecting your business data. We provide solutions that comply with the latest security standards and compliance requirements so that your business's data is always protected.

Cloud Storage and Backup: Safely storing and backing up your data is an integral part of business continuity and data recovery plans. By providing flexible and reliable cloud storage and backup solutions, we keep your data safe and accessible at all times. Our consultants experienced in cloud technologies understand the specific requirements and goals of your business and recommend the most appropriate cloud strategy for you. In this way, we help you to keep costs under control while ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from cloud services.


The Internet of Things (IoT) service we offer for our customers enables businesses to take pioneering steps in their digital transformation journey. Our IoT solutions increase the efficiency of your business, optimize operational processes, and deliver next-generation experiences. Through real-time data exchange, process automation, and data analytics, we help you maximize the potential of your business.

Lead your business's digital transformation journey with our Internet of Things service. Increase efficiency, minimize errors, and improve the customer experience. Join us to step into the intelligent enterprise of the future!


Today, the business world is rapidly digitalizing and competition is intensifying day by day. In this process, it is of great importance for businesses to implement their digital transformation strategies correctly. This is where our Digital Consulting service comes in. We help you to guide your business on the path of digital transformation, to identify and implement the right strategies.

Our Digital Consulting service provides a comprehensive roadmap to succeed in your business's digital transformation journey. Our specialist teams work closely with you to understand the needs of your business, assess the current situation and determine the right strategies to achieve your goals.

In the Digital Consulting service we offer to our clients, our experienced consultants develop customized strategies for your business. By conducting an analysis of your current digital presence, we identify your strengths and propose solutions to improve your weaknesses. In addition, we enable you to increase the digital competitiveness of your business by following industry trends.

We create success stories in our Digital Consulting service. We've worked with many businesses before, helping them achieve successful results in their digital transformation. These success stories can inspire you to see the potential of your business and understand how valuable our Digital Consulting service can be.

Let's take the right steps together in the digital transformation journey of your business!